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 Providing innovative fractional general counsel to those who want
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Austin Fractional General
Counsel Attorney

Johnny Merritt is a seasoned transactional attorney with over three decades of experience serving as outside general counsel in complex corporate and real estate matters for businesses across Texas. He’s focused on providing on-demand, as-needed fractional general counsel services to clients who desire more than just a lawyer, but a trusted partner and adviser. Merritt strives to bring honor and morality back to the legal profession through principled, values-based fractional legal counsel.


Johnny Merritt, Attorney and Kiera Slater, Director of Operations


As the complexity of regulatory, contractual and operational issues for businesses today increases, so too does the cost of retaining in-house general counsel. Businesses shouldn’t have to choose between receiving sound legal support at unplanned fees or settling for less experience, effort or communication. Johnny provides fractional general counsel in Austin and regionally throughout Texas to not only help businesses receive superior legal counsel when they need it, without substantial fees, but also to build relationships with clients to serve their best interests and promote their success.

Johnny Merritt, Attorney and Kiera Slater, Director of Operations


“Johnny has essentially served Affiliated Foods as its outside general counsel in excess of 20 years. As I understand, he has only missed one board of directors meeting in that time. Johnny is not only an exceptional attorney who has gained the confidence of our board and management team, he also has great insight and understanding of how to balance our legal needs with our business needs.” 

Randy Arceneaux
President and CEO

“In the Summer of 2019, Urban Mining Company gained a valuable introduction to Johnny Merritt. In working with Johnny, it is clear that the quality of his work stems primarily from his genuine interest in the success of our organization. Johnny cares and provides diligent services that is organized, clear and effective. I've come to appreciate his ability to draw from a framework of knowledge and experience in order to find the most simple and effective solution. Johnny and his team were always prepared and available to assist in any way possible no matter the topic, task at hand, or timeline! We are truly thankful for Johnny and his team and highly recommend Johnny Merritt to anyone who is in need of seasoned transactional experience”

Scott Dunn

“Ag Producers Co-op has worked with Johnny for almost a decade.  He ensures that we receive the proper representation for every matter, not only working directly on projects, but acting as a quarterback and connecting us with the right counsel when it is out of his wheelhouse. Johnny provides us with prompt attention and keeps us informed about matters throughout the process.”

Bret Brown

You’re a partner, not just a client. Johnny works with organizations in the Austin area and across Texas to provide fractional general counsel services that build trust, reduce costs and improve business results.



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Interested in practicing a different kind of law? As a principled partner to his clients, Johnny puts a focus on what is right, good and in the best interest of his clients. Reach out for more information about career opportunities today!


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