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Leadership Lessons From Successful Family Businesses
On this episode of Shifting the Law, Johnny is joined by Judd Porter. Judd is the owner and CEO of Porter’s, a Texas-based, family-owned company that has been serving communities...Read More

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What Leaders Can Learn From Attorneys About Assessing Risk & Building Trust
On this episode of Shifting the Law, Johnny is joined by Austin-based entrepreneur and business leader, Ben Broughton. They talk lawyer compensation, what to look for in a great attorney,...Read More
Shifting the Law Starts with Building Better Relationships
On this episode of Shifting the Law, Johnny Merritt is joined by Four Price. Four is a long-time attorney and current member of the Texas House of Representatives. Tune in...Read More
Introduction to Shifting the Law
Shifting the Law is a podcast hosted by Johnny Merritt with discussions about innovative attorney-client partnerships and how industry leaders can work towards shifting the legal paradigm. Listen to the...Read More